### The Early History The inaugral meeting of Solace was held in Adelaide, South Australia in November 1983. The founder, Jean Almond supported by Harold Almond and Isabel Harker (all who had been widowed) and Harold E. Jones (Bereavement Educator), formed a Bereavement Support Group. The aim was to assist those whose partner had died. On-going self help and mutual support was offered to assist the bereaved to begin their journey through grief. The Solace Support Group and Aims were presented at the Funeral and Bereavement Education Association Conference in October of 1984 in the Barossa Valley. Funeral Companies and organised by their Bereavement Educators, commenced Solace in: - Perth, Western Australia in December 1984. - Melbourne, Victoria in June 1985. - Sydney, New South Wales in May 1986. - A.C.T. in 1987. - Tasmania in 1989. - Queensland in 1994. It soon became apparent that there was a great need for Solace and a National Organisation was born.