We provide grief support for those grieving over the death of their partner.

Talk or Listen, in a non-threatening environment, to others who have been through the trauma of losing their loved one through death.

A simple way to remove fear is to seek support and understanding.

Permission to grieve assists in the healing process.



  • To normalise the grieving for the Bereaved.

  • To assist Bereaved people to cope with the death of their partner.

  • To assist Bereaved people with an understanding of the Process of Grief.

  • To provide a "Safe Environment" with understanding people who have already learned to live with their Grief

  • To help other Bereaved people begin life again.

About our Logo:

  • As the troubled waters recede (Dark Lines)
  • A new life dawns
  • Sunlight breaks through the clouds
  • And the dove of peace brings new hope.

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